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Summer Youth Camps Ages 13 - 17

Our Signature Camp

Our signature camps allow our youth campers to experience the beauty of Costa Rica, while fostering a spirit of adventure, discovery and education.. We provide our teenage campers with fun and safe experiences structured to increase self-esteem, promote self-confidence, encourage exploration, and develop an appreciation for a new culture and the natural world around them.

Information Center

Blue Zone Expedition Company headquarters are located in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Montezuma is located near the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, 41 km (25 mi) southwest of Paquera and 8 km (5 mi) south of the town of Cóbano. The town of Cobano is the central hub of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula and has many amenities such as medical services, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.

General Safety Information:

Costa Rica is a very clean and safe place to visit. Costa Rica is known as the "Switzerland" of Central America because it does not have an army and have been a neutral country since 1949. Costa Rica still upholds strong democratic values and is one of the world's leaders in sustainability and carbon neutrality.

BZEC has insurance coverage in Costa Rica territory for up to $250,000 USD.

However, it is mandatory that each camper purchase and show proof of full coverage international travel insurance as well. This is required in order to be fully covered from the moment of departure in the U.S. and throughout the duration of the trip.

About the Southern Nicoya Peninsula

BZEC is located on the tip of the southern Nicoya Peninsula in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

The region is well known for world class beaches, wildlife, and lush jungle. Our campground overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is about 1 kilometer from the shore. The facility spans 10 acres of jungle and riverfront, boasting dozens of exotic trees. Montezuma is a small town, off the beaten path, where travelers from around the world come to enjoy and experience the true meaning of "pura vida".

Tortuga Island

Isla Tortuga is a beautiful tropical island located in the Province of North Puntarenas. Campers will enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities including snorkeling at several locations, enjoying a BBQ lunch, beach games, and simply soaking up the sun.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Nestled on the extreme southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. It is inhabited with capuchin monkeys, Wild Cats, and over 240 species of birds. The reserve is classified as a tropical forest and has 150 types of trees including the Spiny Cedar (POCHOTE). Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica’s first recognized National Park was established in 1963.

Montezuma Waterfalls

Montezuma is a picturesque small village known for its Bohemian atmosphere and the stunning beauty of its waterfalls and beaches. Our participants will hike to the Montezuma falls and cool off in the natural swimming pool at the base of the main waterfall. The Montezuma waterfalls are are an icon of Montezuma and are a must see!

World Class Beaches

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is well known for its beautiful beaches and waves. Some of these pristine beaches include Playa Montezuma, Playa Las Manchas, Los Cedros, Playa Grande, Playa Carmen and Hermosa. Campers will have the opportunity to explore many of these beaches.

Delicious Local Food

Campers will be served a mix of local Costa Rican cuisine as well as some American favorites. Campers will be served a mix of local Costa Rican cuisine as well as some American favorites. A typical meal includes gallo pinto, which is a Costa Rica staple for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a delicious combination of rice, black beans, seasoning, and Lizano salsa. We have several on site chefs who pride themselves on creating an exciting, healthy, and tasty menu for our campers to enjoy.

Montezuma Canopy Tour & Zipline

Fly through the treetops with the area's most popular canopy zip line tour that takes you to the upper-most waterfall in Montezuma. Observe the local flora and fauna from a new perspective! Best of all, the tour's starting point is just a few minutes walk from BZEC headquarters.

Surf & Ocean Activities

Campers will take part in many different ocean related activities, such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and more. No matter the skill level, all campers will be equipped with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed and have fun! A majority of the activities at BZEC are ocean and beach focused. Campers can expect to participate in surfing and other beach related activities several times throughout the duration of camp.

Pura Vida

Costa Rican culture is defined by the saying "PURA VIDA". The literal translation is pure life and that is truly the motto that the locals embrace. Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they are nicknamed, value a stress free lifestyle filled with gratitude, happiness, and family. Pura vida can be thought of as an emotion, attitude or way of life. It is something special and unique to Costa Rica. It is our goal at BZEC to allow campers to find their own PURA VIDA.

Nutrition, Fitness, & Yoga

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is a world renowned center for health and wellness. At BZEC we believe that a healthy camper is a happy camper. We focus on the physical, social, and emotional well being of our campers. Campers will experience regular yoga and stretching sessions to strengthen their bodies and minds. Other fitness related activities include beach games, relays, swimming, hiking, and more. BZEC offers well-balanced, nutritious, and delicious meals using locally grown ingredients as much as possible.

Paddle Boarding Activities

Along with surf instruction, campers will have the option to experience and learn how to stand up paddle board. Paddle boarding is a fun and exciting alternative to surfing. SUP requires balance, strength, and endurance.

Sports & Recreation

Campers will participate in recreational and sporting activities such as beach volleyball, soccer, and relay races, and more. Teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and fun are the foundation for these activities.


At BZEC, campers will have the opportunity to learn the sport of archery and have fun practicing a new skill in a jungle setting. Archery is a unique sport in that it requires skill, precision, and accuracy.

Community Outreach

Our camp is committed to the local communities. Giving back and selflessness are fundamental principles at BZEC. Campers will have the opportunity to give back in multiple ways. Some of the community outreach projects that they will perform might include beach cleanups, teaching English to local children, sea turtle conservation and more.

Spanish Immersion

Our Spanish immersion program combines onsite classes with practical application during group excursions, cultural outings and athletic activities. BZEC offers a "walking classroom" experience where campers will directly interact with members of the community in a variety of settings which include around town, at the beach, at the market, and more.

Science & Environmental Education

Costa Rica is known for biodiversity and its dedication to preserving and respecting the environment. At BZEC, campers will experience the biodiverse lands of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula and engage in hands on learning that includes flora and fauna observations, species classification, laboratory activities, and more! For example, campers might collect water samples at various beaches and test the salinity levels or examine plankton under the microscope.

Butterfly Garden

BZEC campers will walk through the butterfly gardens to explore the precious life cycle a butterfly:starting from tiny eggs on host plants, to caterpillars growing strong inside plants, and onward to sticky-winged butterflies drying out to join their flittering friends.

Local Experts

BZEC strives to provide our campers with the most authentic and hands on experience as possible. Alongside our local partners, we will coordinate workshops and lessons such as fishing, local jewelry design, indigenous crafts and lifestyle, and jungle survival techniques.

Montezuma Turtle Conservancy

BZEC participants will volunteer with the local Turtle Conservancy group to help protect the species. There are currently 4 species of sea turtles that frequent the beaches of Montezuma. All of these species are in danger of extinction due to various human activities. July and August are nesting months and our campers will collect data relevant to nesting activity, including transfer of eggs to the hatchery, tagging, and taking measurements of turtles.

Your adventure awaits

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.