Camp Highlights

Community Outreach Service Projects
Tortuga Island Excursion
Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve
Cultural Enrichment
Science and Environmental Education
Montezuma Waterfalls
Canopy Tour and Ziplining
Leadership and Teambuilding Activities
Surf and Beach Activities
Spanish Immersion

What to bring

To ensure campers are prepared for their journey, they are required to bring the following items. All items should be packed in a single duffel bag. Campers should also bring with them a backpack to use on daily excursions and outings.

Blue Zone Expedition Company upholds high standards for behavior and character. Campers are expected to demonstrate respectful, appropriate behavior in order to participate in our summer camp. Campers should conduct themselves in a respectful manner and abide by the rules of the camp. The Camp Directors reserve the right to send home any camper whose behavior is, in their opinion, incompatible with the general well-being of the camp and other campers. There will be zero tolerance for smoking, drinking alcohol or using any illegal substance.
At BZEC, we provide campers with the opportunity to give back to the local communities here in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Campers will be able to earn community service hours and will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their service project. Types of community service projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Beach Clean Ups
• Sea Turtle Conservation
• Local School Outreach
• Butterfly Garden Maintenance
Campers may bring their phones at their own risk. BZEC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items. Campers will not have cell service due to being out of the country and they will not have access to wi-fi 24/7. It is important for campers to understand that the majority of time will be spent outdoors, being active, learning, and enjoying all that Costa Rica has to offer. Part of the camp experience is to unplug and at BZEC, we value that mindset. BZEC headquarters are equipped with wi-fi and campers will be given scheduled Internet access so that they may communicate with their parents. BZEC staff will regularly send out updates, photos, videos, and more via blog so that parents may tune in to what their teens are doing at camp.

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